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About Me


I don't know it all but you can certainly count on me to give you honest and critical feedback on all of your real estate needs.

Being a licensed general contractor has also been quite beneficial to many clients in assessing and determining value for them.

My philosophy is that transparency is important and I will tailor my services to your needs.  Some people want lots of data so I will give you lots of data.  Some people wants details about neighborhoods only, so I will give you the details.  Some folks want building rehab cost estimates, so I will provide that information.  Each client has a specific need and circumstances, my role is to help each achieve their desired objective.  No template service here because each real estate situation is unique.

With my extensive experience (personally sold over 1,000 homes in all styles, condition, and price ranges), I can be a great resource to you and your family while seeking real estate advise. 


Yours Truly,

Nilton Lisboa

508.667.1439 cell

Nilton Lisboa